Funtastic  ' EDUTAINMENT '  Curriculum Linked Programmes using Arts as a medium. Bringing fun, laughter  and the whole  wide world into the lives of children, feeding their imaginations and hopes and dreams....

Funkie  ' FIT ' Munkies

Join our Funkie ' FIT ' Munkies in a fun packed music and dance DVD.  Children learn about the world around them through song and dance.

Funkie  Munkie's

MAD Academy

Our Funkie Munkie Curriculum Linked Programmes provide a fun platform for children to 'LEARN, SHARE & GROW.

Using arts as a medium, we offer a fantastic provision of cross curriculum fun for any school, with our creative learning ethos across the national curriculum, which draws on the imagination of all children, nurturing their ability to learn in an enjoyable environment, leaving them excited to learn more.

This programme is designed for all Key Stage 1 & 2.

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Groovy Moozy's MAD Academy

This fun filled edutainment programme captures the young mind of any child's imagination, with a unique blend of fun learning within the Early Years/Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework, that nurtures the child's imagination,  taking them  through an exciting journey using  Music, Art and Dance.

This programme is designed for Early Years / Foundation Stage (EYFS) and is offered as, curriculum, extra-curricular and holiday clubs, all delivered by professionals with strong teaching experience and skills.

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Funkie Munkie's

Holiday Clubs

Funkie Munkie’s Holiday Clubs offer the best of 'all' worlds. With our carefully planned programmes packed with entertaining, educational fun through Music, Art and Dance. Our clubs cater for KS1 & 2 children, in a fun and holistic way. The balance of curriculum-linked edutainment for all the children pays particular focus on improving their literacy and Maths skills, with a delicate balance of life skills, and abit of self development through light yoga and breathing sessions. All this packed into each day of the club from only £3.60 per hour.

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Clubs and Summer Camps

Funtastic new 'EDUTAINMENT' programmes, offering cross curricular learning, using arts as a medium....


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